Catamaran Sailing at Playa de Muro

Embark on an exhilarating catamaran sailing journey at the captivating Playa de Muro with Watersports Mallorca. Our Hobie 15 catamarans provide an unforgettable sailing experience, allowing you to take control of the boat, hang in the trapeze, and harness the power of the gennaker as a third sail.

Why sailing with us:

Professional Guidance: Our seasoned instructors are dedicated to ensuring a quick and safe learning experience in the art of catamaran sailing. Benefit from personalised guidance tailored to your individual skill level.

Trapeze Challenge: Master the thrill of sailing in the trapeze, skillfully navigating the catamaran through the waves.

Gennaker Adventure: Elevate your sailing experience with the gennaker, feeling the wind’s power as you optimise speed and agility with this additional sail.

Diverse Offerings: Beyond catamaran sailing courses, we offer exciting excursions, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Book Your Catamaran Sailing Adventure Today – Experience the Freedom of Water Sports in a Unique Environment!

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Catamaran Sailing · Advanced Course


Catamaran Sailing · Private Lesson


Catamaran Sailing · Test Lesson


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