Kitesurfing – One of the most exciting water sports

Dive into the thrilling adventure of kitesurfing, where you’re pulled across the water with a board by a kite, also known as a traction kite. It’s a dance with the wind, a sport that knows no age limit.

Why kitesurfing with us:

Perfect training conditions: Our exclusive training area at Playa de Muro with constant thermal wind ensures optimal practice conditions.

For the whole family: Whether you’re a beginner, a child, or an adult, kitesurfing is a sport that requires no extraordinary strength or fitness and therefore it is accessible to everyone.

Certification: As a licensed VDWS kiteschool, we offer you the opportunity to obtain an official kite license.

Book online now and start your kitesurfing experience. Unsure which course is right for you? We’re happy to provide personal advice.

Kitesurfing · Beginner Crash-Course


Kitesurfing · Beginner Intensive Course


Kitesurfing · Advanced Course


Kitesurfing · Private Lesson


Kitesurfing · Private Lesson with Support Boat


Kitefoiling · Private Lesson with Support Boat


Kitesurfing · Test Lesson


Kitesurfing – VDWS Kite License: Your Step to Recognition

After mastering your first 50 meters in kitesurfing, obtain the coveted VDWS Kite License. It not only recognizes your achievements but also documents your kitesurfing level

How to obtain your VDWS Kite License:

Ready to document and deepen your kitesurfing journey? Acquire your VDWS Kite License now and show that the wind is your ally!

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