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Welcome to Watersports Mallorca – since 1998, a premier water sports school on the island of Mallorca.

Situated in the north of the island, along the stunning Playa de Muro, our location offers a captivating backdrop of crystal-clear turquoise waters in the Bay of Alcudia.

As a licensed school affiliated with the Association of German Watersport Schools (VDWS), we adhere to the highest standards. Our instructors provide expert guidance in kite surfing, wind surfing, wing surfing, wing foiling, catamaran sailing, surfing, and paddleboarding (SUP).

Professionalism is our foremost commitment. Our highly qualified instructors ensure that you not only grasp the fundamentals but also master advanced techniques effectively. Our diverse course offerings include children’s courses, beginner programs, as well as advanced courses, and we warmly welcome individuals with physical impairments.

In addition to professionalism, we prioritize the infusion of fun and team spirit.

We foster a positive learning environment where you feel at ease and joyfully acquire new skills. This positive atmosphere not only enhances the effectiveness of the learning process but also makes it fun.

At Watersports Mallorca, we cultivate a familial surroundings. Our team looks forward to welcoming you and having you become a part of our water sports community.

But wait, there’s more! Experience thrilling kayak, SUP, and catamaran excursions with us, gaining a new perspective on the enchanting Playa de Muro.

Our top-notch water sports equipment is also available for rent, ensuring you make the most of your Mallorca adventure.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with Watersports Mallorca and join us on thrilling water sports adventures!


Marc Alvarez | Watersports Mallorca

Marc Alvarez, the brilliant mind behind Watersports Mallorca, hails from Barcelona, the city where even seagulls sail with style. Since 1988, he has been the undisputed maestro of the water worlds, mastering practically every water sports discipline. He teaches his students windsurfing, kitesurfing, catamaran sailing, surfing, SUP, and wingfoiling – and all of this in more languages than most people can order their morning coffee. He effortlessly juggles Catalan, Spanish, French, English, German, and Italian – a true language genius, always up for fun. Our “Captain Jack Aubrey” of water sports.

Marc Alvarez | Watersports Mallorca

Helena, the radiant sunshine. Her enthusiasm for the sea is infectious, and she loves to share that passion. You can truly feel her heart beating in rhythm with the waves. In her role at our water sports station, she is available to all guests for any questions, takes bookings, and always has an open ear. For Helena, life is like a sailing tour – full of adventure and always accompanied by a breeze of optimism!

Marc Alvarez | Watersports Mallorca

Gunnar, our catamaran instructor. Born in West Berlin, at home on the catamaran. This sailor from the city scene not only masters the art of sailing but also has a pronounced sense of humor. His languages, German and English with a touch of Spanish, are enough to communicate on the water and provide a few laughs on land. Gunnar is the perfect companion for those seeking adventure on the high seas. Ahoy and cheers to life under sails!

Marc Alvarez | Watersports Mallorca

Gaia, our joyful windsurf, wingfoil, and surfing instructor. Loves the sea as if it were an Italian romance. When she’s not conquering the waves, she brings a sunny atmosphere to every beach with her positive energy. Gaia – the woman who surfs into the hearts of her students!

Marc Alvarez | Watersports Mallorca

Kami, the charismatic head of the kite school and our SUP-Yoga instructor. Amidst wind and waves, she shows how to move on the stand-up paddleboard in harmony with body and mind. With charm and a playful wink, she not only takes care of our students and guests but also brings a considerable amount of joy to life. Her passion for travel would even make Phileas Fogg envious.

Marc Alvarez | Watersports Mallorca

Aaron, our kite instructor, is more than just a teacher on the board – he is a living ode to passion. His teaching style is like a kite jump: exciting, full of energy, and with a considerable dose of enthusiasm. Between daring tricks and funny anecdotes, he not only teaches kitesurfing but also good vibes. Welcome to Aaron’s world, where every kite jump is a love letter to the sport.

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