Best kitesurf spots in spain

by | Jul 2, 2019

The kitesurf spots in spain to practice kitesurfing

Spain is one of the countries with the best beaches to practice kitesurfing. If we classify them in a pyramid, at its top we will find Tarifa beach, due to the two prevailing winds present throughout the year. Although there are other areas such as the Manga del Mar Menor or the Canary Islands where we find very suitable sandy areas too.

The beach of Caños de Meca, in Cádiz, stands out for its good conditions for practicing kitesurfing especially when east winds are blowing. It is less than an hour from Tarifa, 8 km northwest of Barbate. You will also find the beach of Los lances in Cádiz, in the municipality of Tarifa. It is more than 7 km long and it is a very recommendable beach for beginners because there are many schools and west winds offer good conditions there.

In Almeria we find the Genoese Beach, in the natural park of Cabo de Gata: a wide and virgin sandy area ideal to sail with east or north wind.

The area of La Manga del Mar Menor In Murcia and the Beach of l’Ampolla in Tarragona are both recommended for beginners as the gusts of strong wind generate favourable waves to practice kitesurf in Spain.

As we pointed out at the beginning of the post, the Canary Islands also have a very good reputation for the practice of water sports. On the island of Fuerteventura we find several suitable beaches for kitesurfing, both northwest and southeast coasts being ideal for it.

To summarise, these would be the most recommended regions to practice kitesurfing:

  1. Tarifa
  2. Cádiz
  3. Almería
  4. Murcia
  5. Tarragona
  6. Islas Canarias

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The best boards to practice kitesurfin

The type of board you need depends on several factors, such as your experience, the type of kitesurfing you practice or the weather conditions.

Different types of boards for do kitesurfing  :

  1. Directional tables: they navigate in only one direction and their use is very simple. They differ from surfboards because they have straps to hold the feet and to change direction you must change the feet in the foot-straps.
  2. Bidirectional or twintip tables: they navigate in several directions without changing the feet position and their use is the most widespread and commercialised. They are symmetrical at both ends and are also equipped with foot-straps. They are highly recommended for beginners because they are suitable for any type of wind.
  3. Wakeboard or mutant tables: each end is different, influencing differently the way they navigate. They are practically symmetrical and are designed for advanced or professional use.

kitesurf spots spain

The best kitesurf boards for these beaches

As for the best boards, the brands specialised in kitesurfing that stand out are: Airush, Best, Cabrinha and North. Following are some of most interesting the models:

  • From the North brand the Jaime model stands out, it is a versatile board, easy to control and comfortable to ride. It is designed for freestyle.
  • From Best, the Armada model is the one that stands out for excellence as a high performance table. Its wooden core allows precise control of movements and it is built with Vari-Flex. Its main characteristics are great durability and lightness (thanks to the use of basalt fibre); In addition to a good shock-absortion.
  • The Custom table from Cabrinha is one of the most versatile in the market. Made of laminated basalt with a wooden core it facilitates rapid movements. It is characterised by its high strength, unbeatable performance and lightness.
  • The Airush brand presents its Livewire model with a unique torsion control made of carbon that gives more comfort and speed.

In short, if you want to delve into the world of kitesurfing you can do so by following these tips, as these are the best kitesurf spots in Spain to practice kitesurfing and the best brands specialised in this sport.

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