Kitesurf School and Watersports Center Mallorca – Upcoming Season starting March 20th

by | Mar 8, 2024

Welcome to our vibrant kitesurf school in Playa de Muro, Mallorca! Season 2024 opens soon at Mallorca’s premier Watersports Centre. Use our kitesurfing and Watersports Mallorca Spring 2024 discount to enjoy expert-led adventures from kitesurfing to catamaran sailing. Get ready for an exhilarating journey as we reveal our meticulous preparations for the upcoming season, starting March 20th.

Our premier kitesurf school and watersports center is dedicated to mastering the waves, not just riding them. Our comprehensive kitesurfing courses cater to enthusiasts of all levels, ensuring everyone can experience the thrill. With expert instructors, top-tier equipment from Flysurfer, and a passion for watersports, we’re committed to propelling you to new heights in your kitesurfing adventure.

Our offerings

But we offer more than kitesurfing. Don’t miss the latest sensation: wing foil. Or start easy with our windsurf courses. Immerse yourself in the serene yet exhilarating world of catamaran sailing with our specialized courses on the Hobie Cat 15 catamaran. Blending the excitement of wind-powered adventure, our catamaran sailing courses are designed to equip you with the skills and confidence to navigate open waters effortlessly. These courses are also perfectly suitable for children.

Behind the scenes, our team is hard at work, meticulously preparing for the season ahead. From captivating flyer designs by lota design to stylish new staff t-shirts, every detail is curated to ensure your experience with us is exceptional. Thanks to our skilled web designer and captivating videos and pictures by Dave, our online presence is stronger than ever. Big thanks for this fantastic work to everyone being involved.

However, our days are also filled with plenty of physical activities like constructing our beach station, pumping up our SUPs, and assembling windsurf equipment. Some maintenance on our motorboats has to be done and much more. There is a lot going on at the moment, and our to-do list seems to be like a never-ending story. But we promise, we will be ready on time for you guys.

Instructor Wanted

This season, we are also very happy to welcome some new kitesurf and wing foil instructors. But we are still on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals who share our passion for watersports. Whether you’re an experienced kitesurfer, wing foiler, or sailing instructor, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re bursting with excitement to extend our warmest welcome to all of you as you join us in our vibrant kitesurfing and sailing paradise situated on the breathtaking shores of Playa de Muro, Mallorca.

Kitesurfing and Watersports Mallorca Spring 2024 discount

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