SUP YOGA, benefit for soul and body

by | Oct 16, 2023

Although the calendar has already marked the end of summer, at Water Sport Mallorca we continue to enjoy mild temperatures that invite you to try new disciplines. Whether you are one of those who return in search of your favourite sport or those who are always looking for new experiences, at Water Sports Mallorca we have the perfect plan for you. The one we propose today is as relaxing as it is stimulating, a perfect way to enjoy the privileged environment in which we find ourselves: SUP Yoga. And those who are new to this fascinating activity don’t have to worry about safety. Because in this recently inaugurated autumn the lifeguards of Playa de Muro continue to ensure that we enjoy ourselves,the weather well justifies it. So let’s waste no time and dive into the wonderful world of SUP Yoga.

From SUP to Yoga

Although the union of these two disciplines might seem unthinkable, the truth is that it is gaining more and more followers. Especially since the summer of 2019, a year in which celebrities of all kinds got on a board to practise their favourite sport. Because many of them were already yogis; that is, yoga enthusiasts. But until then they had not demonstrated, at least in public, their ability to do it in the sea.

Before we get into SUP Yoga, let’s briefly remind ourselves what Paddle Surfing is. This sport was born in Hawaii, specifically in Waikiki, in the 1940s, at the hands ofsurfers. However, it was not until much later, specifically as recently as 2013, when it was recognised as the most practiced sport in the United States that year. In this short period of time, barely 10 years, its ease of adaptation to all kinds of audiences did the rest.

The mixture of Paddle Surf and Yoga, or SUP Yoga, originated in Hawaii and California at the beginning of this century. Although we cannot associate the creation of this discipline with any specific name, the fact is that the yoga teacher Rakel Bråthén, originally from Sweden, contributed to its spread by including it in her holiday courses. This fact was picked up by the New York Times newspaper, which launched SUP Yoga to the world.

Asanas in SUP yoga

Yoga asanas are physical postures designed to improve the body’s strength, flexibility and balance while stimulating concentration and peace of mind. Since some of them require a high level of practice, not all asanas are recommended for beginners in either yoga or SUP Yoga. Others, however, are accessible to almost anyone.

  • Lotus posture. This consists of crossing the legs with the feet resting on the tops of the opposite thighs. Paddle surfing requires extra firmness due to the unstable surface of the water. However, this helps to improve concentration and balance.
  • Yoga mountain pose. In this simple asana we stand in an upright and aligned position, with the arms at the sides of the body and the palms facing outwards. Although simple, practising it on a board on the sea adds some difficulty, as the base of support, the feet, does not guarantee good balance. It is therefore somewhat demanding.
  • Cobra pose. To perform the cobra pose, lie on your stomach and lift your torso while keeping your hands close to your chest, stretching out your arms. Although paddle surfing adds a challenge to the posture, it also helps to strengthen the back and improve stability.
  • Plank pose. This asana involves drawing the body in a straight line from the shoulders to the heels, supported by the palms of the hands and the tips of the toes. Paddle surfing improves balance, strength and concentration, as it requires additional stability on an unstable surface such as water.
  • Dog Pose. To practice this posture we must stretch the body in the shape of an inverted “V”, placing the palms of the hands and feet on the ground. Practising it in paddle surf strengthens the legs and arms, and requires not only great balance, but also flexibility.

Sup yoga

Benefits of SUP Yoga

The practice of SUP Yoga has a series of characteristics that make it a healthy, fun and highly recommended sport.

  • Balance. The most prominent aspect of SUP Yoga is the need for balance. Because we are on a board on the water, each asana becomes a challenge if we want to keep our balance and avoid falling into the water.
  • Connection with nature. Practising yoga on the water brings a sense of connection with nature. We can enjoy the natural surroundings, the breeze, the sound of the sea and the warmth of the sun as we immerse ourselves in the practice of SUP Yoga. This helps to harmonise mind and body, promoting physical and emotional well-being while enjoying the serenity of the water.
  • Additional SUP Yoga adds an extra level of challenge to the traditional yoga practice. Basic poses can be completely different when we are on an unstable board, which helps us to improve not only our balance, but also our concentration.
  • Calm and relaxation. The combination of yoga and nature is a relaxing and calming experience that allows you to disconnect from daily stress and connect with your own self.
  • Although it can be a little intimidating, SUP Yoga is accessible to people of all ages and all levels of yoga experience. Water Sports Mallorca instructors adapt classes to accommodate both beginners and advanced students, and provide specific instructions on how to keep your balance on the board. Although it’s also no problem to lose it from time to time, because we all enjoy a good dip in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • It is important to practice SUP Yoga under the supervision of an experienced instructor, especially when you are new to this discipline.

The magical communion between sport and nature

Although practising any sport is advisable for the physical and mental benefits it generates, doing it in a place like Playa de Muro elevates the experience from pleasant to unique. Because in this paradisiacal corner, in the midst of the natural beauty of Mallorca, sport and nature intertwine in a magical way, inviting you to an adventure that transcends the ordinary.

SUP Yoga, with its board as a canvas and the sea as a backdrop, becomes a means to connect deeply with the land and the water. The asanas challenge us, make us find balance in the midst of instability and allow us to enjoy this practice in its purest form.

Each posture, each moment, each breath is an invitation to rediscover ourselves, to find inner peace and to embrace nature. In the waters of Playa de Muro, SUP Yoga is not just a sport, it is a dance with the sea, a meditation in movement.

So come and immerse yourself in the magical communion between sport and nature with Water Sports Mallorca. Discover the balance, serenity and joy that we have in store for you.

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