The best spanish beaches for kitesurfing lovers

by | Jan 15, 2021

Today we are going to talk about the best beaches in Spain for kitesurfing.
Did you know that Spain has more than 8,000 km of coastline? If we add the coast of the peninsula with that of the Canary and Balearic Islands in one line; we could reach, for example, South Africa!

About 130 km from Cape Town is the city of Langebaan. There, one of the kitesurfing paradises on the African continent awaits us. Its beautiful lagoon provides a flat, shallow water spot that is ideal for beginners and also delights more experienced practitioners. The lagoon belongs to the West Coast National Park, so besides enjoying water sports in a place of wild beauty, we can combine our trip with activities such as safaris, horse riding or cycling routes, bird watching and hiking.

Although it sounds idyllic and I can already imagine myself flying over the lagoon. Without travelling so far, we can enjoy the best beaches in Spain to practice our favourite sport. In these thousands of kilometres of Spanish coast, we have an infinite number of perfect beaches, where we can spend a day of wind, salt and fun.

If we add the coast of the peninsula with that of the Canary and Balearic Islands in one line; we could reach, for example, South Africa!

Our 5 best beaches in spain to practice kitesurf

At we have selected for you the 5 best beaches in Spain. Those that will leave a good impression and will make you recharge your batteries at the speed of light. As with all listings, perhaps they won’t all be here, but these are our choices.

  1. Tarifa. At this point, only 14 kilometres separate us from the African continent. Tarifa offers the perfect conditions to practice this very addictive sport. Crystal-clear waters and strong winds all year round make Tarifa’s beaches a favourite among Spanish and international riders.
    Tarifa has earned the nickname of “European wind capital” and thousands of sportsmen and women visit it every year to enjoy kitesurfing and windsurfing on one of its wonderful beaches. Dos Mares, Río Jara, Arte Vida, Valdevaqueros, Bolonia are some of them. Our favourite is undoubtedly the beach of Los Lances and it has an outstanding position in our ranking of the best beaches in Spain.
  2. Gran Canaria. The first written document about the Canary Islands was signed by Plinio the Elder exactly 2060 years ago. It tells of the journey of King Juba II of Mauritania to the “Fortunatae Insulae”. According to Plinio, Gran Canaria has this name in memory of two great dogs that the envoys of Juba captured on the island, and took with them to the kingdom. Perhaps these dogs were of the ‘Presa Canario’ breed, and perhaps the two dogs that appear on the official coat of arms of the Canary Islands are also a wink to this first historical account.
    We do not know on which beach in Gran Canaria they docked, but they were certainly pushed there by the trade winds. These winds blow most of the year. It is thanks to them that the island enjoys an unbeatable climate and conditions that attract kitesurfing lovers all year round. On the list of the best beaches in Spain we have the beach of Vargas in the south of the island. This is not a beach for beginners, it is a meeting point and one of the preferred spots for the more experienced practitioners.
    Las mejores playas de España para amantes del kitesurf
  3. Fuerteventura. Its incredible beaches, beautiful dunes, the volcanic landscape and a magnificentclimate make this island a paradise. Fuerteventura offers the perfect conditions to practice almost any kind of water sport. Throughout the year, various championships are held both in windsurfing and kitesurfing on some of its magnificent beaches.
    Although kitesurfing can be practiced almost all year round, the best wind conditions are found between May and August. The north coast has the best beaches for kitesurfing, but on the south coast, we also find perfect spots for our favourite sport.
    In the number three of our ranking of the best beaches in Spain we have the beach ‘Del Corralejo’. It may not be the most famous, but we love to fly in front of Lobos Island and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape formed by the dunes of Corralejo. This is a beach with big waves and generally for experienced riders.
  4. Tenerife. In the south, the trade winds blow practically 365 days a year. In Tenerife we have golden sand beaches and others with black volcanic sand. Between the lush green landscapes of the north and the golden landscapes of the south there is a world of difference, and that is one of the attractions of this island: diversity. Among the best beaches in Spain, the Medano beach could not be missed. It is undoubtedly our favourite beach on the island because it offers perfect conditions to enjoy our favourite sport to the full.
  5. Mallorca. In the list of the best beaches in Spain we could not miss our beach: Playa de Muro. It is located in the north of the island, in the heart of the bay of Alcúdia. One of the longest and most beautiful sandy beaches on the island. In addition to being a beautiful natural area, the beach ‘playa de Muro’ has a lifeguard service considered to be one of the best in the country. Thanks to this, it is the safest beach on this list of the best beaches in Spain. It also has public spas that offer free showers and toilets. And a wide variety of accommodation and complementary tourist services. This way you will have all the creature comforts and you will be able to take advantage of every second to enjoy yourself in the water.Las mejores playas de España para amantes del kitesurf

On the island of Mallorca, from April to October we enjoy a thermal wind called Embat, which blows in the bay of Alcúdia every day. It is a wind of moderate strength, without gusts and constant. This makes Playa de Muro one of the best beaches in Spain to enjoy kitesurfing whether you are just starting out or are an experienced rider.

At WATERSPORTSMALLORCA we know the waves and wind on our beach like no other. As the wind is moderate and constant, we can move away from the shore and have a wider space to sail. These conditions also make playa de Muro one of the best beaches in Spain to introduce you to the wonderful world of kitesurfing.

We have courses for all ages and levels. Also if you are a rider on holidays and don’t want to give up your favourite sport, we also have a renting service of the best brands: Axxis, Flysurfer, Rip Curl.

Come and enjoy kitesurfing at Playa de Muro, you cannot miss this experience!


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