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by | Aug 26, 2019

Today we are going to talk to you about Flyboard air. It is a sport that was invented in 2012 by Francky Zapata, the former French water motorcycle world champion. It became a successful sport the moment he introduced it to the world of water sports. All started with a video that he posted on YouTube that got two million hits in just one week.

It should be noted that in Spain, specifically on the beach of Marbella, this sport was first introduced by the athlete Alain Arribalazaga, and the following year he took the sport to Cantabria.

Thus, little by little, it has spread throughout the world.

What equipment is necessary to practice flyboard air?

The equipment that we will need is the following:

  • Flyboard: device that is placed on the water-bike to specify in which location you are. It also gives you the possibility to submerge yourself in the water or to raise above water.
  • Boots: They are a type of boots that are fixed to the board.
  • Fixers: as the name itself indicates, they are two elements that are placed on the board to fix the boots on it so that they are anchored and do not move while we perform the activity.
  • Hoverboard: A Snowboard type board only smaller, in which, as we have commented previously, the boots are fixed. It has a couple of floats below and a tube of almost 20 centimetres to which the hose is connected through which the water will pass for propulsion and lift.
  • Handles: they are cranks that allow to activate the brakes and the gearbox of the water-bike, to manage the movements that you want to carry out. In the case of beginners it is usually the instructor (the one in the water-bike) who is in charge of handling them.
  • Water hose with connectors: this hose (of almost 20 meters) is connected to the board and the back of the water-bike. It will give pressure and will propel you upwards. The height you can reach (up to 15 meters) depends on the skill you have, and from that height you can make turns, pirouettes and all kinds of jumps. When submerging the maximum depth is 2.5 meters.
  • Water-bike: This element is essential for the practice of this activity because it gives the necessary pressure to the water that flows to the board through the turbine.
  • Wetsuit: the suit is optional unless the water is very cold, in which case it is mandatory to avoid possible hypothermia. It also helps cushion falls.
  • Helmet: It is important to wear a helmet to avoid possible injuries if you suffer a fall.
  • Lifejacket: it is ESSENTIAL for your own safety.


Can anyone of any age practice flyboard air?

Your answer to this question will probably be NO. However, it can be practiced from 18 or from 16 and like in kitesurf with an authorisation from parents or legal guardian.

We must also emphasise that you cannot practice this sport in the following cases:

  • People who, by medical prescription, can not dive.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People with serious neck and/or back problems.
  • People who have dislocated shoulders or knees before and could relapse.
  • In addition, undoubtedly, all those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Do you need to have previous experience prior to practicing this sport?

It is not necessary to know anything to start practicing this activity, just not being afraid of the water and having some balance. It is the water-bike that gives power to the movement. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a great physical form or to be an elite athlete, it is approximately 10 times easier to learn than any other board sport. Once you find balance, you just need to incline the feet to create the movement. After that, If you have any doubt, you will always be accompanied by an instructor that you can consult.

What you have to know as a safety measure, and the instructor will tell you, is that you cannot bend both knees at the same time.

Moreover, before the board rises over the water your body must be in a vertical position, and once in the air you will flex alternatively one leg and the other according to the direction you want to take.

Aim of flyboard

The OBJECTIVE of people who practice Flyboard air aside from having fun and having a good time cooling themselves is first to learn to maintain control of their body and to find balance, and second to make displacements, turns, etc.

The most experienced can control the speed and water output through a special bluetooth device.

We also have to highlight the BENEFITS. Apart from improving the level of balance as we have commented before, it also improves resistance to fatigue; and the level of agility delaying ageing, reducing blood glucose levels and also lowering down blood pressure.

And since we have informed you about everything that must be taken into account to practice Flyboarding and the many benefits it has, you only have to try it. In conclusion, It is an incredible feeling that you will undoubtedly want to repeat again.

Go on, go for a ride on the water, fun is guaranteed, 95% of people who try it for the first time start flying in just a few minutes!
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