Parasailing, a unique and different activity!

by | Sep 25, 2019

What is Parasailing.

Also known as Parascending or Parakiting, Parasailing is a water sport where one or several people are suspended to a parachute with a harness and a series of ropes and is towed by a boat. The speed of this powerful boat is what will make you rise above water. The parachute control only depends on the momentum of the boat and the air currents, not the participant.

It is an activity full of excitement and adrenaline, being able to enjoy privileged panoramic views at all times.

The feeling of freedom is second to none when you see the sea at your feet!


Who invented this sport.

It should be noted that the first ascent with this type of parachute was made by Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne in 1962. In that same year he created a Training Center to present and introduce this new type of activity, which was very useful because of its low cost when compared to the cost of using an airplane for it.

In 1963, a year later, Jacques André Istel of “Pioneer Parachute Company” bought a license to manufacture and sell this type of parachutes.

Years later, around 1971, the American Mark McCulloh created a stationary platform to implement modern paragliding on the beaches of Miami.

From that moment on, he has been developing and improving parasailing, thanks to a better design of the necessary equipment to practice it, always taking into account the safety of the athletes.

The best of his innovations was the “winch-boat”, created in 1974. It is a small motorboat with a winch or crank that is used to launch and pick up the ‘parasailer’.

paracaidas arrastrado por barca

Observations on parasailing.

  • It can be practiced from 5 years of age, as long as the child weighs more than 25kg and is accompanied by an adult.
  • It is not necessary to have previous experience, firstly the instructor will inform you of everything necessary to carry out the activity and enjoy it one hundred percent.
  • The only thing you have to wear to do this activity is a swimsuit, a T-shirt, and sunscreen with a strong filter. Remember that the higher the colder it is but also the stronger the sun rays are. Finally, before getting on board you have to take off your shoes and that’s it.
  • The duration depends on the circumstances, it is agreed in advance with the instructor and it is usually about 10, 15 or 20 minutes per flight.

paracaidas y barco

Considerations before doing it

Although from the shore it may seem a dangerous or unsafe activity, it is not. It is considered safe even for minors as we have commented previously.

In fact the activity has no great mystery. You get on the boat where the harness is placed and the parachute is opened, and when the boat has started, the instructor releases the rope – which connects the boat with the parachute – little by little to start flying. You only feel a little tug, and then you just have to enjoy the flight and the views.

Firstly you have to decide how many people are going to get on board: 1,2 or 3. Most importantly it is always more fun to go accompanied, or if you go with your family to do it with the children.

Then you have to decide the length of the rope (the height to climb, height of the flight), 200 and 500 m are usually on offer.

The only thing that the person who carries out the activity has to contribute is the will to fly and not have vertigo or fear of heights.

The passengers always wear life jackets and the harness is always equipped with a quick-release carabiners for an emergency releases; so that in the worst case scenario you can land as if it were a normal parachute.

And the best is that you just need to want to do it, nothing more!
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