How to start spearfishing

by | Nov 14, 2019

1. how to start spearfishing. What is this?

Spearfishing is an ancient fishing method that is practiced throughout the world as a means to get food from the sea, and today it is a recreational activity and a fast growing sport. It remains the most preferred and ecological method to get fresh and nutritious seafood, as it does not require weapons or other dangerous instruments that can cause water contamination. If you are interested in underwater sports, we suggest you this post our about diving and snorleking.

how to start spearfishing


How to start spearfishing? First of all you should consult with professionals to find out about the recommended equipment that you can use in a specific location, since the equipment you use in one place may not work in another. Therefore, you should make sure you bring everything you need for this activity.

Each underwater fishing destination is unique in terms of diving conditions, available species, species behaviours, common practices, sustainability concerns and regulations.

2. What  do we need to know before we start.

We must know that there are regulations on quantities caught, and in Mallorca, specifically, there is no limit on individual bags of any specific fish, but there is a maximum catch limit of 5kg plus one fish per day per license. In addition it is necessary to know that many species have a minimum capture size that must be respected, therefore it is important to consult with professionals of the trade.

As for fish business, it is strictly forbidden to sell any catch of recreational fishing in any form. Certain high-value commercial species must be marked in a certain way after capture to ensure that they do not end up in the market. It must be done right after capture.

There are other regulations such as the following:

  • Diving lights can be used to illuminate holes but not to attract prey.
  • You can use a diving knife and a diving light.
  • The use of a surface marker buoy is mandatory. In addition, you must remain within 25m of the buoy at all times.
  • Spearfishing between sunset and sunrise is prohibited.
  • It is also forbidden to be towed behind a boat.

how to start spearfishing


3.Basic equipment.

Any professional fisherman or “spearo” should know that having the right underwater fishing equipment, as well as the coasteering, is essential to ensure safety and success. Below we highlight the most basic underwater fishing equipment to buy before you dive:

How to start Spearfishing – Get a Fishing license

Although technically not part of the fishing equipment, you must obtain a valid sport fishing license before starting to hunt, otherwise you could receive a fine and even be sentenced to prison for hunting (and killing) protected species. In addition, beginners must have acquired professional knowledge and skills in hunting, techniques of this type of fishing and also on apnea and diving.

How to start spearfising – Weapon of choice

There are three options: Hawaiian slings, cane spears or rifle. Sling and spears require you to be very close to the fish, the only difference is that the sling band usually stays in your hand while the spear leaves your hand completely free. And as for the rifle, they may be shot manually with a band or slingshot or be shot with air or gas, so you will need to consider water visibility and the size of the fish.

Wetsuits and protection against reload

For underwater fishing you must take into account the thickness of the suit, especially when diving in hot climates. It is advisable to wear one that is not thicker than 1.5 mm, unless you dive is deeper colder waters. Above all choose one that has a camouflage pattern or color, so that fish don’t detect it. In addition, the wetsuit should also have a padding on the chest to help ease the reload of the rifle.

Mask and snorkel

The best option is a low profile mask, which allows much less air in and reduces the pressure with which you must make the dive, and as a second requirement the one that offers the best visibility. If you are going to dive in low visibility waters, choose coloured lenses, as they are designed to increase the contrast and see better underwater. We also have to emphasise that the mirrored lenses are excellent for hiding the eyes that can attract fish due to the reflection. Finally, make sure the mask fits well to the face. As for the Snorkel, choose a simple and flexible J-shaped one.


Gloves are extremely useful for providing heat and protection without hindering the reloading of your rifle.

Ankle boots

Comfortable and thick enough to keep feet warm and provide softness between the feet and the fins.

Apnea fins

Many people prefer to stick to their scuba gear, but it doesn’t have to be that way, for improved apnea and underwater fishing performance most people prefer apnea fins, as they help get the right propulsion and conserve your energy as you immerse in water. There are made of plastic, fibreglass or carbon. Beginners can opt for quality plastic fins, since they are cheaper, but if you prioritise a lower energy expenditure opt for fibreglass. Also, carbon fins are more expensive but they provide the greatest comfort and require the least amount of energy.

Weight belt

It will ensure that you do not float to the surface (as the wetsuit naturally pulls you up).

Spearfishing knife

It must be durable, always sharp and resistant to oxidation. It is not primarily for hunting fish, but for cutting underwater fishing lines, ropes, seaweed and other objects where you can get entangled while underwater. Ideally, find it small and sharp edged.

Diving computer – the best option if you are thinking how to start spearfishing

It is interesting to invest in an apnea clock. It helps track your depth and diving duration as well as your training and improvement. Some have even heart rate monitors and export options so you can download diving data.

Floating lines, floats or reels

Once you catch a fish, it might want to escape. The best thing you can do is to attach a waterline (with a flotation) to your rifle so that you can pull both the fish and the weapon when you have little energy left. What the reel does is bringing the fish to the surface once you’ve reached it. The fish is not tied to the weapon and many recommend the reel so that the fish does not escape from your hands.

Bonus: Diving Buddy helping about how to start spearfishing

This sport is very risky, so it is advisable to practice it as a couple and even in a trios. This way you can help each other and thus be able to fish larger fish, among other advantages.
If this sport catches your attention, you just need to ask for information and get to it in order to make your first dive. You will discover how beautiful the marine world can be!

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